Kolson Marketing Social Media Ad Program

Take advantage of the power social media marketing has by using your existing network of contacts to grow your business.

Everyone wants that, right? When it comes to social media the most common road block is lack of time. Customers tell us they simply have no time to create and/or manage their social media sites. Kolson Marketing Social Media Ad Program can eliminate that obstacle. We have designed a program that makes it simple and easy to get your information in front of more people…and we’ll do all the work!

When you have a new product or service offer, you want to let as many people as possible know what it is. This program is a simple and cost effective way to leverage the marketing network that you already have to boost awareness and drive traffic to your website.


This is how it works:

  1. Fill out the form.
  2. Indicate information on the product/service you would like to promote.
  3. Provide us with your Facebook or Instagram login information.
  4. We will design a graphic ad and submit for your approval.
  5. We will load the ad to the social media account(s) you select.
  6. Your ad will also be placed on the Kolson social media account(s) which will increase exposure.
  7. Kolson will place the ad on your website and link it to your social media ad(s).
  8. Kolson will link the social media ad back to your website.

This process will increase exposure of your business, encourage online business practices and help your search engine ranking.


All for only $90.00/Ad

* If you are one of our hosting clients, you may choose to use the free hour of service which is part of your hosting agreement. In most cases that will be ample to cover the costs.

Attractive Website Design

Graphically appealing styles and colors to draw attention to your company's products or services.

Mind Blowing Functionality

Easy customer access, a myriad of powerful options, and a dynamic e-commerce functionality if you choose to sell product.

Dynamic Viewing Capabilities

Your website will look great on all devices: Desktops, Laptops, Notepads and Smartphones!

Start Communicating Your Ideas and Content More Effectively Today!

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